Diagnostic of heavy metal poisoning

Heavy metals can be stored in various tissues and accumulate over time. Once in, its often hard for our bodies to remove and eliminate them. By means of chelating agents, which are chemical substances (DMPS) that attract and bind the heavy metals almost like magnets, complexes are formed, which the body can then excrete via the kidneys with the urine. The concentration is then measured in the urine, resulting in the intensity and duration of the therapy. After i.v. application of standardized dose of DMPS, urine is collected and analysed for HM-concentration. Length of therapy, repetition of cycles is  determined according to the outcome. Analysis requires approx. 14 working days. The result of measurement can be discussed with the attending physician who can suggest further therapy.

Blood analysis

Our parter labs can perform all sorts of blood work. i.e. „Full spectrometric analysis of minerals“:

Conventional measure of minerals is performed in the usual serum blood analysis. The intracellular content of minerals thereby is missed by a 100%. Full spectrometric analysis is the only known complete way of measuring minerals accurately. Hidden depletion can be detected and thus refilled. Both, i.e. drips/ intravenous infusion or oral application may be suggested, depending on gut health.

Gut health

Various dignostical tools and therapies may be used, as i.e.:

  • IgG-Tests
  • Stool analysis
  • Flora/microbioma - check
  • digestive enzymes
  • liverfunction