Methods for detoxing


Bleeding is one of the oldest treatments in human medicine. Ever since it was used for curing as well as prevention, and rejuvenation.

Our blood is both: a medium for transport of nutrients /waste as well as space for intermittent storage. Overloading can cause high blood pressure, exceptional red coloured face or “explosive” mindset. Bleeding is a excellent way of depleting excess from our bodies.

Common indications for a requirement for bloodletting:

  • High blood pressure. Frequent bleeding can save from use of chemical drugs.
  • All kinds of inflammatory diseases
  • Rheumatism, joint aches
  • Gout
  • Eczema, neurodermatitis
  • Menopausal complaints caused via loss of menstruation
  • Generally, for health prevention and rejuvenation


Leeching belongs to  the oldest treatments in medicine, being documented since more then 6000 years. According to  the symptoms different numbers of leeches are used on various regions of the body, including acupuncture points. The sensation of  the bite is similar to a stinging nettle.

Bleeding will continue for many hours. Thus, the wounds will auto-cleanse, toxins can continue to leave the body.

Indications for leeching:

  • Acitvated, painfull arthrosis, arthritis
  • Inflammation of any kind, including bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, golfer’s elbow, etc.
  • Neuralgia, headache
  • Backpain, Disc prolaps (in addition to conventional therapy)
  • Ulceration, wound healing disorder
  • Disfunction/pain after joint replacement
  • Tinnitus
  • Etc.

Heavy metal detoxing

Heavy metals and other environmental toxins are omnipresent and can be incorporated very commonly via food, drinks, cosmetics, etc.

Heavy metals can disturb sensitive body compartments, like hormonal system, digestion and general detoxification. Testing via DMPS – chelation allows to quantify the degree of intoxication.


  • Unclear complaints
  • Parkinson’s
  • Hyperaccusis
  • Chronic skinn issues


Therapy will be performed after certified lab diagnostics only.

FX Mayr

Detoxification according to FX Mayr: Intensive diet

Environmental toxins and metabolic waste accumulate in particular inside fatty- and soft tissue. The FX Mayr Cure guarantees perfect detoxification and improvement of all tissues. Elastic skin and new glow will be achieved!


The FX Mayr concept:

This method has been proven for over 100 years in reducing all kinds of chronic diseases, chronic pain and intestinal disorder. Medical guidance and abdominal treatments are essential for good success.

The cure is sectioned in 3 steps: starting with a few days of tea fast, at step two small amounts of food can be enjoyed. Finally mild cleansing diet with hot food will complete the process. Every step will be performed personalized. The diet is not designed for daily use, but for a specific period only. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further questions.


The use of herbs for treating disseases is as old as mankind. They are known to be able to support detoxing, liver and kidneys, equilibrate heat/cold, strengthen the immune system and many more.

Infusions therapy

The intravenous application of nutriens or remedies guarantees 100% absorption. It can be used both: preventive as well as for treatments.

One domain is the refill of desturbed balance of nutrients. In particular intestinal disorder cause such disorder. Drips will be composed according to the patient’s individual needs, after assured lab diagnosis. Fast improvements can be expected due to direct i.v. application.



  • lack of nutrients
  • burn out
  • immune boost
  • detox boost
  • etc.


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