Methods for detoxing:


Die Ordination Dr. Domenig - Zentrum für Naturheilkunde

Bleeding belongs to one of the oldest and best documented forms of therapy in medicine. Spread over great parts of Asia, as for example in Aryuvedic tradition, it fell upon Hildegard v. Bingen to lift its value and apply it to European medicine.
It can be used for both prevention as well as to ‘point therapy’.

The assumption that blood inside our bodies serves only as a transporter is not
necessarily correct. It also serves as an intermediate store for all the
surplus. Red blood cell concentration (HTK) rises not only through
cardiovascular training at high altitudes, it does as well through excess of
protein in our diet. Exchange of metabolites is thus inhibited because of
thickening of blood, affecting the metabolism inside the smallest vessels. Lack
of oxygen transport, lack of discharge of metabolic waste and inflammatory
protein can be a consequence. Vessels are stressed more, loosing parts of their
elasticity. Rise of blood pressure occurs. The body mirrors this through a
stuffed redness of the face, high blood pressure and other symptoms.

Bleeding is a natural option to release toxins. After careful analysis
special equipement is used for bloodletting. Thus harmful “overdosing”
(i.e.” excess bleeding”) will be avoided. On average 50 -200ml should
suffice. The body happily uses the purposefully created outlet to
discharge the surplus/ excess. Toward the end of the session, a clear
change in the colour of the blood is often observed.

It is recommended to reduce protein intake after the treatment. The effects
will last longer with a deeper positive impact on health as a result.

You will be given detailed written information and a plan for your diet.

Common indications for a requirement for bloodletting:

  • Elevated / high blood pressure.
    Regular bloodletting (a small volume) can help to reduce the need for blood-pressure medication (constant monitoring is essential) 
  • All sorts of chronic inflammation 
  • Rheumatism and joint pain 
  • Gout 
  • Eczema, Neurodermatitis (atopic eczema)
  • Post-menopausal symptoms (in order to replace the monthly natural relief)
  • High blood density and / or as prophylaxis


Die Ordination Dr. Domenig - Zentrum für Naturheilkunde

One of the oldest forms of medical treatment known to mankind, leeching has found mention, at least since the Egyptians, if not further back in history. This treatment saw its peak in the 19th century and we have seen a revival of this treatment since the 70’s.
Leeches are now under conservation. They are nature’s gift to mankind. Bred in certified institutes, they are treated as “live medication” and are available only for single use. The quality, efficiency and hygiene of these leeches are guaranteed by us.

Depending on the diagnosis, a certain number of leeches (max. of 8) are placed around the affected area or along corresponding meridians or acupuncture points. First the back-sucker is placed on the skin, then the front end. This end contains the jaws that penetrate the skin. The bite can hardly be noticed. It resembles a stinging needle sensation and can be felt only for a few minutes.

The saliva of the leech, which is the actual medication, spreads into the wound.
Containing anticoagulants, anti-inflammatories, pain killers and substances to
improve the lymphatic drainage, it helps to reduce symptoms of many kinds.
After sucking out the blood, the area is cleansed with care. During the whole
procedure the leech does not move away. After finishing its work, the leech
falls off by itself or is gently removed. Blood dripping continues over the
next 12 hours. Thus, gentle reduction of excess blood content, same as a
natural wound cleansing, is guaranteed. It is an important part of the

The bite marks are bandaged softly. The bandage should not stop bleeding! On the next day, the bandage can be taken off. Tiny wound marks will be seen for
several days.

Common indications:

  • arthritis of most joints
  • back pain
  • disturbed wound healing
  • post menopausal symptoms
  • gout
  • achilles tendon pain

heavy metal detoxing

Die Ordination Dr. Domenig - Zentrum für Naturheilkunde

Heavy metals can enter our bodies in many ways, for example via contaminated water (led tubes), amalgam fillings, varnish, fish and seafood, environmental poisoning. They dock on receptors of enzymes, hence, hormonal regulation can be disturbed. Each individual has its limited capacity for detoxing.

After exposure or if uncertain symptoms occur, testing with chelating substances such as DMPS guide to ascertain a correct diagnosis and the degree of poisoning. Several cycles of treatment are performed in order to dissolve and eliminate toxins via the kidneys.

DMPS (DiMercaptoPropanSulfonicAcid) was developed in Russia during the 50s of the last century in order to treat workers in the mining sector. Regular application could extend their life span for more than 20 years! Lead, Quicksilver, Arsenic, Aluminum and others can be eliminated. In particular, the alkaline drips are very beneficial for eliminating lead.

Fasting and purging:

The ultimate honour in healing, goes to fasting and purging. Yet, it requires the most collaboration, team-work and discipline. The gut is the center of the human body, corresponding to the roots of a tree. When strong and healthy nutrients can be absorbed effortlessly, discharge can be fully eliminated. But ever so often, the gut is affected by lifelong failure in diet: Eating too fast, too much, too often, late  at night orinappropriate diet may have stressed out the organ. Lack of function, build-up of gas, higher risk for parasite infection or overgrowth (“flora dysbalance”) may result. Fasting is the ideal method to rest the organ. Purging allows eliminating excess flora, old stool residuals and thus supports better exchange in metabolism.

Breathing therapy in response to heart rate variability diagnostics

Die Ordination Dr. Domenig - Zentrum für Naturheilkunde
After analysing carefully, tips and tricks can be given in order to retrain proper balance. After 4-6 weeks of guided training, an increase of vitality can be expected. Besides, in-house training, video tutorials and online webinars will provide additional support.

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